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Oral Cancer Screening
Beaverton, OR

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At Preferred Dental Care Center, we care deeply for both your oral and your overall health. As such we do everything in our power to ensure your continued oral health. Oral cancer screenings are one of the ways that we make sure you stay in great health. Every time that you come into our office for a regular cleaning and examination, we will check for signs of oral cancer. By screening for oral cancer regularly, we hope to catch it in the early stages so that treatment will be easier and more successful. Any form of cancer that is caught and treated in the preliminary stages the success of treatment is often much greater.

What is oral cancer?

Oral cancer describes any cancer that forms in the following areas of your body:
•  Lips
•  Tongue
•  Cheek linings
•  Floor of the mouth
•  Roof of the mouth

Oral cancer can be found in any of these structures. Oral cancer can be a debilitating illness that can result in loss of teeth, bone, and tissue structure in the mouth, and even death. According to the American Acadamy for Oral Systemic Health, every hour someone in the US dies of oral cancer. The vast majority of oral cancer cases (70-80%) are discovered in the late stages, making treatment difficult and often unsuccessful. Our goal is to find oral cancer early so that this doesn’t happen to you.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is widely regarded as a silent killer because the symptoms do not often include pain or discomfort. Instead, it can grow unnoticed for months or years, making it to the late stages where treatment becomes difficult or impossible. So what should you do? As we have said, early detection is critical, and the onus falls on you to check your mouth and make appointments with us. To do a self-check for oral cancer follow these steps:
•  Look for discoloration in your mouth that lasts for more than two or three weeks.The normal, healthy color of the flesh of your mouth is pink. If you notice red or white bumps/lumps/swellings or other abnormalities that last several weeks, schedule an appointment with us.
•  Examine your mouth regularly so that you know what looks normal and what looks out of place.
•  Examine the sides of your tongue.
•  Examine the back of your throat.
•  Examine the bottom of your tongue and the flesh below your tongue.
•  Examine the insides of your cheeks.
•  Examine your gums.

Things that you should be looking for during your self-inspections include:
•  Swelling, sores, lumps, patches in and around your mouth and lips.
•  White or red lesions in your mouth.
•  Loose teeth that have no reason to be loose.
•  A sore throat that does not go away for weeks or months.
•  Pain in the ear that does not include hearing loss.
•  Pain in your mouth, can be accompanied by numbness.
•  Swelling that makes you feel uncomfortable.
•  A change in the way dentures or other dental prostheses fit.
•  The feeling of a lump in your throat that will not go away.

If you notice spots that bleed easily or often, that can be a symptom of oral cancer. It’s also up to you to make regular appointments with us so that we can examine your mouth for signs of oral cancer.

Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is an issue that can affect anyone, but there are certain risk factors that put certain people at greater risk than others. Historically, men are twice as likely as women to get oral cancer. The reason for this is unknown but has traditionally been linked to higher tobacco and alcohol usage. Both of those substances increase the risk of oral cancer substantially.

Advanced age is another common risk factor for the development of oral cancer. Roughly two-thirds of all patients with oral cancer are over the age of 55. The average age of diagnosis for oral cancer is 62.

Exposure to the sun is a common cause of oral cancer on the lips and frequently occurs in those who have worked outside for extended periods of their life. Poor diet is another common risk factor in those who develop oral cancer. Those whose diets lack substantial fruits and vegetables tend to have a higher occurrence of this disease.

Genetics can play a big role in oral cancer risk. If a family member has been diagnosed with oral cancer, it would be a good idea to keep a close watch on your mouth for signs of oral cancer. The lifestyle that you lead will often have an impact on your risk of oral cancer. As mentioned above, tobacco use greatly increases the risk of oral cancer in patients of any age. Heavy alcohol use is frequently tied to higher rates of oral cancer. Tobacco and alcohol usage also tend to be linked, and those who do both have a very high rate of oral cancer.

The Dangers of Tobacco Use

Tobacco use presents one of the biggest risk factors for the development of oral cancer. Not only does it increase the risk of oral cancer tremendously, but it also increases the likelihood of a wide variety of other oral health maladies like gum disease, and tooth loss. Smoking cigarettes can affect your oral health in the following ways:
•  Stained teeth and gums.
•  Gum disease which can lead to tooth and bone loss in the jaw.
•  Bad breath.
•  Diminished sense of smell and taste.
•  Dental care options decrease significantly (dental implants cannot be placed).
•  Delayed healing following oral surgery.

Cigars and chewing tobacco are equally bad for your oral health and lead to the same oral cancers as cigarettes. Sugar is often added to chewing tobacco which increases the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Good Oral Health Is Critical

By keeping your mouth in tip-top condition, you can help to fight the risk of oral cancer. Poor oral health can lead to maladies that can lead to oral cancer. Most importantly, when your oral hygiene is good, it will be blatantly obvious if you do develop signs or symptoms of oral cancer.

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Preferred Dental Care Center will include a thorough oral cancer screening, including a VizLite scan, during your comprehensive exam.
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