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Preventing Dental Emergencies: Things not to do with your Teeth

Future patient of Nicholas Grasvik, DDS  biting on a piece an ice cubeThere are many dental emergencies that can be averted simply by avoiding using your teeth for anything but chewing your food. If you use your teeth inappropriately, you run the risk of cracking a tooth or even pulling out your own fillings.

1.  Do not chew on nut or seed shells - Nuts and seeds are very healthy for you, but if you eat them incorrectly, they could seriously damage your teeth. If you are eating whole nuts or sunflower seeds with the shells still intact, use the appropriate tool to remove the shell rather than your teeth, otherwise you risk a cracked tooth or an injury to your gums.
2.  Do not open anything with your teeth - We have all seen it ' that person that opens a package with their teeth. Not only is this practice unsanitary, but it can cause your tooth to crack or even becoming fractured.
3.  Do not chew ice - Many people have a nervous habit of chewing ice, but it is not recommended. Ice can be sharp, not to mention hard, which can cause an injury to your gums or fracture your tooth.
4.  Do not chew writing utensils - Chewing on pens and pencils is yet another nervous habit that many people have, but it is unsanitary and dangerous. These utensils are hard enough to crack or chip your front teeth or even cause damage to the back molars, depending on how hard you chew.

If you have a nervous habit and need to chew on something, try carrying sugarless gum that is approved by the ADA with you. This is a much safer alternative which can actually help to enhance your oral health.


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