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Medications and Your Oral Health

Medication and your oral health If you take over the counter drugs often or you are prescribed a new medication by your doctor, you might find that your oral health is greatly affected. There are hundreds of medications that can affect the health of your mouth, ranging from a decreased saliva production to bone loss. Before you take a new medication, it is best to talk to your health care provider about its side effects in order to be fully informed.

The Most Common Dental Side Effects

The side effects that you experience could differ from the next person that takes them, but the most common oral health issues that occur as a result of medication include:

•  Dry mouth: If the medication that you are taking decreases the saliva production in your mouth, you can suffer from dry mouth. When this occurs, you can experience an uncomfortable feeling in your mouth, as well as be put at greater risk for infection, tooth decay and bad breath.
•  Swollen gums: Many medications cause gums to swell. If the swelling is excessive it could cause you to suffer from gum disease.
•  Ulcers in the mouth: Some medications can irritate the inside of your mouth, causing ulcers or sores to grow.
•  Change in tastes: A few medications can cause you to have a bad taste in your mouth. The most common complaint is a metallic taste, but others experience salty and sour tastes as well, making foods that you once loved taste bad.
•  Change in tooth color: Certain antibiotics can cause tooth discoloration in children whose teeth are still forming as well as certain adults.

If you are concerned about the medications that you are taking, please feel free to talk to us about the side effects that they could have on your oral health.

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