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How to Limit Damage to your Teeth When Eating Acidic Foods

Eating Acidic Foods like citrus might damage your teethThere are numerous acidic foods and drinks that many people consume without realizing the damage it causes to their oral health. Soda, juice, wine, citrus fruit, pickles, and honey are all foods that can damage the enamel of your teeth. These foods do not have to be avoided altogether, but there are certain steps you can take to ensure that the damage is minimal when you do consume them. Below are some ideas to keep in mind the next time you enjoy your favorite foods!

•  Acidic drinks that are allowed to fill your mouth expose all of your teeth to excessive damage. In order to limit the exposure to your teeth, drink acidic drinks through a straw. This allows the liquid to go directly down your throat rather than coating your teeth before making its way through your mouth.
•  Consume acidic foods only during mealtimes. This allows the acids to be washed down your mouth much quicker than if you were to eat them alone as a snack. When you eat larger amounts of food, your mouth produces more saliva, which helps your food digest more quickly.
•  Drink plenty of water before and after eating or drinking acidic food or drinks. This helps to neutralize the acid, decreasing the risk of damage to your enamel.
•  Chew gum when you are unable to get to your toothbrush. The constant chewing motion helps to promote the production of saliva, which will continue to encourage the acid to leave your mouth.

Acidic food and drinks do not have to be completely eliminated from your diet, but they should be limited whenever possible. If you do consume them, try to limit the length of time that your teeth are exposed in order to enhance your oral health.


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