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Dental Abscess Complications that You Need to Know About

Posted on 5/20/2016 by Nic Grasvik
A man suffering from a dental abscess that has caused him to lose a tooth!A dental abscess is a bacterial infection that is often located at the tooth root or in the gums around a tooth. This problem occurs when a tooth breaks or has a deep cavity that reaches the pulp.

Gum disease may also be the cause if it occurs in the gums. These are serious problems, and if left untreated, some major complications can occur that could affect your dental or overall health.

Tooth Loss

If the abscess is allowed to infect the bone holding the tooth in place, tooth loss could result. This is because the tooth will move and can eventually fall out. The rest of your teeth may then shift out of position.


A fistula is a gum opening that occurs with chronic abscesses. If pus is present in the abscess, it can then drain out of the mouth. When a fistula is present, the pain that you experience with your abscess might decrease because of reduced pressure.

Bacterial Endocarditis

This condition occurs when the bacteria from an abscess enters the blood stream and makes its way to the heart. This can cause an infection of the heart, which may have life threatening consequences.

Sinus Infections

A sinus infection can occur with a dental abscess since the upper molar roots are located close to the sinus cavities. If your abscess produces pus, the sinuses can also fill up and become infected.

Brain Abscess

A serious complication of a dental abscess, a brain abscess could occur if an infection spreads from the teeth into the brain via the blood vessels. If your brain becomes infected, a coma could be the result.

Other serious side effects and conditions can result from a dental abscess, so if you suspect that you might be living with one, it is important that you contact our office right away for treatment.


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