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Do You Need Molar Uprighting?

Posted on 3/15/2016 by Nic Grasvik
A diagram of the inside of a molar tooth.Have you noticed that one of your molars seems to be tilted in the back of your mouth? If so, you may be in need of molar uprighting. This procedure isn't well known, so by learning more about it, you'll be less surprised if your dentist suggests it in the future.

Why Might Your Dentist Recommend Molar Uprighting?

The molars are the flat, wide teeth in the back of the mouth, and adults usually have three on each side of both the lower and upper jaws. If a molar or one of the second bicuspids is removed, the molar behind it has a tendency to move forward into the empty space.

The result might be a tooth that tilts or leans, causing food to get stuck in between the teeth and altering where the chewing force is placed on the teeth. This could ultimately lead to tooth loss or destruction of the bone.

Molar uprighting could be used to correct this problem. It works to move the leaning tooth back into its original position. This procedure is especially important if you will be having an implant or bridge put into place to replace the missing tooth in the future.

Moving Your Molar Back into Place

To upright the molar, you will either need braces or to use a retainer or similar removable appliance. The entire process will take either several months or an entire year, and the treatment time will vary based on the severity of the tilt. If you have other teeth that also need to be straightened, treatment can take as long as two years.

The risks associated with molar uprighting are minimal. You may experience some discomfort or shortening of the tooth root, but the risk of these issues are typically small.

Please contact our office we can further discuss the risks and benefits associated with this procedure at your evaluation appointment.


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