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The Reasons to Keep your Dentures Clean

Posted on 9/25/2015 by Nic Grasvik
A full set of dentures floating in a glass jar.If you have dentures, your oral health habits might become lax just because you assume they are not "real" teeth so they do not need the same type of care. The opposite is actually true, however. Dentures need just as much care as your natural teeth once needed as does the rest of your mouth. Your oral health relies more than on your teeth alone; your tongue and gums also play a vital role, which means that all areas of your mouth must be thoroughly cleaned in order to ensure optimal oral health in the long run.

Dentures are Porous

You might not think of the dangers of your dentures staining, but they can! This means that not only should you be brushing your dentures, just as you would brush your teeth, but you should also soak them overnight to ensure that all bacteria and plaque is removed from the crevices that they are living inside of in your teeth. If you leave the plaque and bacteria, you run the risk of infections occurring not only inside your mouth, but also throughout your body. In addition, plaque and bacteria are the culprits behind bad breath, which can be very hard to fight.

Gum Disease can be Deadly

Gum disease is not something to take lightly and is something that can occur even if you do not have your natural teeth. That same plaque and bacteria that can build up on your dentures can be passed to your gums. When this occurs, infections begin to accumulate underneath the pockets of your gums, eating away at the tissue. Eventually, your dentures will no longer fit right because your gums start shrinking and your overall health becomes at great risk. Heart disease, respiratory infections, and diabetes are just a few of the complications that you can face if you have gum disease, each of which can become chronic and life threatening illnesses.

Bad Breath Stinks

Bad breath is not just caused by onions and garlic - it is caused by germs. If you are not brushing and/or properly cleaning your dentures, you are leaving the germs in your mouth that become stinky. The bad breath that you constantly try to wash away with over-the-counter mouthwash will never go away. The only way it will, is after the plaque and bacteria are gone, which at this point, could require the help of our office in order to professionally remove the damage that has occurred. If you are worried about what others think of you and do not want the threat of bad breath lurking around you, it is best to learn how to care for your dentures the right way!

Lower Saliva Production Means more Germs

If you are older, take medications, and have dentures, you have the trifecta for diseases in your mouth. Many medications cause a decreased production of saliva as do changing hormones as you age. When this occurs in combination with wearing dentures that are not properly cleaned, your mouth is at great risk for serious infections. It is important to talk to us about the medications you take as well as the proper methods for cleaning your dentures to ensure that all germs are removed so that you can remain healthy in your mouth and your entire body!

Don't take cleaning your dentures lightly - do what is necessary to properly clean them. Proper brushing is crucial, as is overnight soaking. If you are unsure about the methods you should be using, please call us for an appointment and we will help you get your dentures clean and healthy to ensure optimal oral health from here on out.


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