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Fun Dental Health Facts

Posted on 7/15/2015 by Nic Grasvik
A woman brushing her teeth with a blue toothbrush.Dental health can be fun when you think about it. It is one of the most important ways to ensure optimal physical health as thousands of germs reside in your mouth, which can quickly get passed through to other areas of your body.

Take these fun dental health facts along with you as you work hard to keep your mouth healthy for many years to come. Your smile is what determines your self-esteem, moods, and sometimes even the status of your overall health - use these tips to keep yourself healthy!

•  Don't share your toothbrush - If you think about the number of germs that are in your mouth, it makes sense that you should not share. You could pass along bacteria that could affect the other person's oral health.
•  Don't share utensils or any other items that go in your mouth - Parents are commonly sharing utensils or wiping children's pacifiers with their own mouths. This is just as bad as sharing a toothbrush, however. The germs that are shared can put your child at risk for cavities and other oral health issues.
•  Change your toothbrush with every season so that you remember to do it! You should change it sooner if you have suffered an illness or if the toothbrush looks worn, however.
•  Certain foods can actually clean your teeth. These foods are usually crunchy enough to clean your teeth for you in between tooth brushing sessions. These foods include carrots, apples, and celery.
•  Sticky foods, even non-candy foods, can be worse than pure sugar on your teeth. These foods stay on your teeth much longer than many other foods, increasing the risk of enamel erosion and eventual tooth decay.
•  Remember that whatever food you put into your mouth, your teeth are feeding on. If you eat foods that are high in sugar or carbohydrates, try to brush your teeth 30 minutes later in order to eliminate the risk of these foods eating away at your enamel.
•  You only get one set of permanent teeth - do what you can to take care of those teeth or risk the need for artificial replacements.
•  Even a little bit of bleeding of your gums can be a serious sign of gum disease. You should be seen right away to catch it in its earliest stages.
•  There are more than 500 different types of bacteria that can reside in your mouth. Isn't that proof enough that you need to properly brush your teeth at least twice a day?

These dental tips are meant to help you want to take care of your teeth. The more often you brush and the better diet that you have, the healthier your mouth will be in the long run. You only get one chance at a healthy mouth, why take a chance of having a poor diet or neglecting your oral hygiene needs?

If you do not know how to properly brush and floss or you have troublesome areas in your mouth, come in for a consultation; our staff will be happy to help you find the easiest way to take care of your teeth so that you can prevent the more than 500 types of bacteria from taking over your mouth.

We are happy to talk to you and your family about the risks that poor oral hygiene habits can cause and can even demonstrate the proper brushing technique and talk about simple ways to enhance your oral health that everyone can use moving forward!

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