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Tooth Whitening: Who Should Avoid It?

Posted on 3/22/2015 by Nic Grasvik
Some people should avoid tooth whitening, learn who shouldTooth whitening is one of the least invasive ways to get your smile back, but unfortunately not everyone is a good candidate. Before you use over-the-counter kits or decide on tooth whitening in our office, you should know which factors might render you ineligible for a successful outcome:
•  Teens under the age of 16 should not whiten their teeth as the pulp of the tooth is still large at this point in their life. This could make the tooth whitening process painful for them. In addition, enlarged pulp runs the risk of making the teeth sensitive after the whitening process.
•  Anyone with gum disease or receding gums should avoid whitening their teeth as it will not provide the results they desire. Receding gums could mean that the roots of your teeth are showing, which has no enamel present. This would provide unpleasant results in the end.
•  Anyone with untreated cavities should not whiten their teeth as the whitening solution will make its way into the decay, which could cause pain and/or sensitivity in the tooth.

The presence of any tooth restorations will alter the appearance of tooth whitening and should be discussed with us first. Veneers, resin, bonding and tooth fillings will not whiten, which could provide you with uneven results that you were not expecting.

If you wish to have a whiter, brighter smile, consult with Dr. Grasvik first. He will assess the health and status of your teeth and help you determine the most successful way to whiten your teeth without unpleasant or unexpected results.


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